I just want to say… there are many beautiful people on this site.. and i just want to mention just two.

Beautifulfreak. One amazing AMAZING woman. Been talking to this girl for.. geez.. quite a while now. Friends on facebook and whatnot. While we don't get to chat a whole lot, I like to know how she's doing, and when we get a chance to chat. She's gone through so much, and still is. Read her blogs and you will know, just a tiny bit, about her. She's SO funny!! often makes me laugh. Sometimes i feel like she's actually writing for me, even though she might not even realise it. She's one beautiful BEAUTIFUL woman. I hope that next time i'm in the UK, i'll get a chance to finally meet in IRL this girl. much love to her.

The second.. my best friend Bella_Chameleon or however its spelt. I tell you what.. this woman is just.. i don't know.. Everything. I travelled over to the uk to meet her, we had SO SOO much fun. I miss her every day. I miss her humor, her laugh.. laying on the grass so drunk we can't move without falling over! She really is my best friend. We laughed together, we cried together. When I hear something bad has happened to her, i cry. She really is my sister from another mister. Her family are just as lovely. If you heard just some of her stories, you would cry. Why someone so so beautiful has had to go through some of the things she has.. i will never understand. Why she puts up with someone like me.. i'll never understand. We have been friends for.. many years now.. and many many more to come. I hope oneday she will come out to oz and we can party it up here. Its really really hard having your best friend so far away!!! If i could just go around to her place everyday, i would. Me and her are like.. two people, but with a joint soul. What i lack, she makes up, and, i like to think, I to her. She's the wild one, i'm the calmer one. We bring out the best in each other. I miss her. I miss you my sistah. i love you.


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