It's been a while since I've written a blog but I'm still here.
My Christmas was great. Full of family and fun.
My poor brother had to work part of Christmas Eve. He didn't get off until 7. But I'm sure he'll appriciate the pay check.
Anyway, I got mostly what I asked for and leave it up to a couple of relatives to surprise me. I got a beautiful decorative piece from my grandma. It's a glass ball with a girl sitting on it dressed in Christmas attire. It was heavy but very pretty. I got the fuzzy socks I wanted. I'm wearing a pair now. They're so warm.
Let's see…I got a Jeff Dunham dvd from my aunt. Jeff is a ventriloquist and a good one at that. I got Miracle on 34th Street, the older version, from my other aunt. I found out–after we sent the list to the family–that I already had the 1994 version of that movie. So it was good that she got my the older version.
Anyway, I had a great Christmas. Hoping the after-Christmas depression doesn't kick in. I'm crossing my fingers.
I know Christmas is a difficult time for some and I'm really sorry it is that way. It is hard on me too. It's a time I realize my grandma will never agin be with us and it will be a long time before I see her again. I still miss her, after more than two years without her. It still breaks my heart to think she will never get the chance to be a great-grandma, something we figured she's become because of longevity in her genes. But I have to figure she accomplished her goals in life. Or her goals in God's eyes. Otherwise He wouldn't have taken her. But I can't help but feel He took her too soon or he made her suffer too much. Yes, she only lived a few months after her diagnosis but her independence was taken away and I know that was hard on her.
Anyway, I'm letting my mind wonder, something that often leads to depressed mood for me. I need to end this blog.
I hope everyone has a good day.


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