Wow. I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog. Not much has happened since then anyway–got my hair cut and colored (sort of a black cherry-like hue), placed 9th in my category for a Writer's Digest fiction contect. Yippee. I get to wait months to recieve my winnings of $25. Ah well, at least I made it to the top ten–although, I really could have used that $3000.00 grand prize to pay some medical bills. Maybe next year.

Been thinking of going back to school for a degree in Human Sevices. I don't really think DH is 100% with me on that, but he won't say anything other than an amiable "it's up top you." I know he's thinking of money, but my English degree has done JACK for my career. It's practically useless in the job market, and if I'm going to keep working for The Man, I want to be helping my fellow (wo)man.

I got really upset the other night on the way back from the store with DH. I was telling him how awesome it was that the mall was getting a new book store in place of the Borders that recently closed. I told him that I could even look for a job there, and he shot that down, because he thinks that I should only be leaving J.C. Macydales for for a sit-down job, because of my back problem. He said he didn't think the new bookstore would be as understanding about my physical limitations as my current employers.

Problem is, I can't FIND an office position that will hire me. I've applied to dozens and have only had a couple of lackluster interviews. So, in others words, I;m stuck here, making less than $8,000 annually. All the stats say that high school grads average around $21,000 per year.

Soooo, what? I'd be making $13,000 more if I'd never gone to college?


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