well i have a brother,17, who i trust the most and is my best bud since i really dont have any friends becuz over time people would get to know the real me but then when time goes on,they just fade away i feel alone,becuz they always want me to go hang with a bunch of ppl or go to partys.but anxiety gets the best of me. i have fought anxiety my whole life.it really got bad when i was a freshman in highschool. and since then i graduated through homeschooling that i started middle of junoir year. an my anxiety has not got any better.there was this one time in the middle of class sophmore year during a test, anxiety hit me real hard my head was so heavy like i had 500 pound weights or more on my head literly.so i felt like i was gonna faint so i went home made my mom bring me to the hospital and get a cat scan or w/e u call it. and there was nothing wrong but still i havent had anything like that since. it has been i think 3 years and i never felt that feeling again. i mean it was really overwhemling. i know sounds stupid goin for a cat scan. but idk if any of you felt what i felt. the weight that was on my head was something i never ever want to feel again…i explain this to my mother but she thought i was making excuses to stay home from school lol i dont think i would that far to lie to stay home lol since then my family surrpports me and understands me, not so much my dad he still trying to understand it idk…..they dont feel what i feel…ya kno?

  1. kelleykarmatm 10 years ago

    i know EXACTLY what you mean. my dad knows nothing about anxiety and doesnt think therapy or talkin to ppl helps. ive felt the weight you have had, and actually, i have had a hemiplegic migraine. (google it) its scary shit. ive been physically achy and sick id worry myself so much. just know ppl are out there like u 🙂 ur not aloneee.

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  2. Salvi 10 years ago

    yea i just looked it up it is scary and thanks :))

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  3. GabZ 10 years ago

    Parents are like that.. my mother thinks that playing the \”satanic\” Magic the Gathering card game was what started my anxiety. . .

    She knows I have it, but I think she just can\'t really get her head around it. Sometimes she does act like its downright troublesome for her or something. Hurtful to experience that.

    Things will get better over time and with treatment.

    All the best!

    P.S: if you like studying and learning online, you might be interested in the Khan Academy. Its really good!

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  4. Salvi 10 years ago

    thank you everyone its good to know im not alone and to have support! thanks :)))

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