I was just reminded by a blog comment that someone left me of something i have given alot of thought before.

i am really good at helping others out with their issues or problems when they come up, whether they be emotional or just an everyday problem. especially people i love or care deeply about. but also just people in general. l have thought about this alot. for instance i have no problem with helping my Mom when her issues arise(or shoud i say, i always did help her when i was still in Ohio), the same goes for my nephews, niece, and other loved ones. it\'s like i just spring into action and don\'t think twice. and i get things solved really quick if people will accept my help(most of the time). now don\'t get me wrong, i have been taking care of alot of shit of my own since i have moved to cali, and even a few years before that, but still to this day, i will always put others first in many cases(once again, mainly loved ones, but sometimes just anyone or friends).

all i can come up with is that as an onlooker it\'s so much easier to diagnose the situation(for one b/c it kind of gets you out of your head and your issues, so your mind is somewhat freed up) and take the proper action. i am slowly learning to do this for myself, but like i said, it\'s still habit to put others first, which i think is ok to a point, just so it doesnt take over your life. but it still baffles my mind that i still do this more then i need to. therapists and such are always telling to put my self first, it can be so hard though.

does anyone else deal with this issue, and if so, how have you dealt with it, and what are your experiences, any feedback would be great.




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