Wowzer, I’m tired.  Probably has to do with going to bed late last night and waking early this morning.  Down to business.  Nothing much is happening.  I’ve separated my wallet into to change purses.  Bills were to go in one, change in another.  However, when I went to purchase a brownie at Baked Expectations getting the money back into the separate change purses took a little longer than I expected (or at least it felt it took long).  Also, the clerk seemed in a kind of disgruntled mood, not really smiling when i asked her how she was, and was quick to say see ya with kind of a shallowly discouraged look.  I’ll probably just shift all my change back into the purse I have bills in and use it in a way that does not disrupt the flow of things, but also does not leave my change purse full.

This grand event brought to mind something that happened earlier in the day.  I was walking out of the Asper Center and I saw Diane, a peer from high school.  It was funny because I asked her how she was and she was very smilely and all.  Then she asked me how I was, with what I perceived to be a superiorcentric look.  I said fine and quickly walked away.

I guess i still harbour grudges about the vanity I perceived to exist at LCS.  Anyways, after the incident at Baked Expectations I felt guilty about the way I’d treated Diane.  After all, the incident could have just as well occured because of my vanity, as well. (Of course I had justified my behaviour saying it’s not just vanity it’s also pain, and that there’s no way – yes that’s right -ABSOLUTELY NO WAY Diane has experienced as much pain as I have.  Oh, the wonderful subtleties of human nature…)

You know what?  I’m going to try to take my writing less seriously and just, you know, writing for writing’s sake because I enjoy it.



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