So Today was a better Day….. I Woke up super late, maybe bc the Storms woke me up super early! But I didn't even try to go to Sleep until 3 or 4 A.M., Idk why I stay up so late, but Night time is my time… I don't know, I know its bad..

But anyway's, I went to the store with my Mum, we had to get my Grandma a present, Today is Her Bday (the 26th), as well as my Cousin's Bday and my Parents Anniversary! We are having cake & ice cream @ my Aunt's. Im going w/ Her to pick up the Baby from daycare, which is scaring me…! I dont want to panic or have anxiety, I go over in my Mind going to get Him, like the car ride there and then back to my Aunts, where my Mum and everyone will come. PRAY that everything works out and I am okay.. But I went with my Friend Today after I went with my Mum, and my Mum gave in & paid my phone bill, as well as said I maybe getting on their phone plan for my Bday, which would be great bc I HAAATEEE the pay as you go crap!!!! But me and my friend Erika, who doesnt know all that much about me having anxiety, went to the Carni., I had to let Her Drive, so I didnt have my car for my "escape" even though the Carnival was a couple blocks away. But it ended up being a good time, We walked around, played some games, went to the Flea Market, I have known Her since Elementary school and no matter how much time passes, We can just pick up our Friendship where we left off. Its good & I can talk to Her about things im stressing about, like the guy drama! She really doesnt want me to settle.!! Then We went to Her Parent's House bc I wanted to See Her Sister's Daughter, they werent there so we went to Caribou and ended up meeting them up there.. Super cute! Little twinge of anixety but tried to put it out of my Mind & I did end up having a nice time = )!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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  1. katekeller 10 years ago

    Wow….that\'s great that you did so much and pushed through your anxious thoughts. I had to do that today too. I survived….even with the anxiety here and there. Sometimes it\'s helpful when we are put in situations like you were…to help us realize we can do it. Although, I totally get your apprehensions as well. I don\'t like to be stuck where I can\'t leave when I want to. Take Care!

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