Well I made it to class today.. on time too!

On the bus to class, while travelling, I suddenly got this sharp pain i my hip. It feels like a nerve or something, it’s sending pain down my leg too. I’m sure i just slept on it wrong or something. I’ll wait to see if it goes before I see anyone about it.

Class today.. well pretty easy.. I had to tell the teacher what I’m going to do my report on, After umming and ahhing about it for a while, I decided to do Job Satisfaction. Basically, what job satisfaction means for people, why they leave employers, that sort of thing. She seemed happy with that, so i guess so am I. She said that I don’t have to go back into that class for 12 weeks. Thats nice. However I do have a conundrum.- So this class has finished, however a class that is very much an occompanying class starts next week. Now Some of the people in the class were actually signed up for it allready, others not.. I was one of them. I checked with the office, and they said I can do it if i want to, i’d have to pay 30 dollars for it though. My problem is should I go and do this class or not??? eep.. I’m thinking I want to. Otherwise I can have thursdays off all together. I guess I’ll just wait and see. What I decide. I mean the class is about making presentations, which is a usefull skill to have anyway. I think i’m talking myself into it…  :o)

The only annoying thing about the class was the guy sitting next to me kept on talking to me, when i was trying to do my work. I tried to make is obvious that I was trying to work, and he just kept talking and disrupting the whole table. I guess that comes down to maturity, and he is only 18.

my good news?(well bit better) well mum got more info about my pregnant friend and her torn placenta, the tear is still there, and the drs believe that she’ll be fine as long as she looks after herself, and doesn’t get too stressed. This is going to be an issue due to her abusive brother.. They said that the baby is very healthy, and is infact bigger than average at this time. So thats a great sign. So fingers crossed.

Right now, i’m actually feeling ok. not too bad. It does feel wierd being on DT at this time of day, i’m usually on late at night. …

Finally, I want to give a huge shout out to Petalrose and fallen_paradise, isis, and others who ALWAYS leave such nice comments. Even if its a little one, thanks guys.. Appreciate it much. Hugs to you beautiful people.


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  1. fallen_paradise 14 years ago

    Aww hunny, you”re so sweet. I hope that pain has subsided. If you crave a day off, then do it! I arranged my schedule this semester to have mondays and friday”s off, and I love the 4 day weekend. The downside was being at school for 11 hours on tuesdays. If you can get a refund, you could always go to the class, see if you like it and then drop it if that”s an available option for you…or ask someone whose taken it before. Glad to hear the baby”s gonna be fine 🙂 Hopefully you”re positive mood streak stays longer than mind did this week <3 Jessica

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