So, today went better than yesterday. The whole day was going really good until I got into last hour. Science. We were told to build a tower out of spagetti, one marshmollow, string, and tape. My mind went wild. I was excited to build something. I had so many ideas, I just wanted to GO AT IT. But, instead of doing the assignment as idividuals, as I would of liked, we were in groups. And my group, wouldn't even let me TOUCH IT! I tried to get involved multiple times. But each time my group looked at me with a face and said "duuude! What are you doinggg!?" (I put in extra letters to help you imagine how they spoke to me) So, I just got fed up, and sat in my chair with my arms crossed. I looked around at the other groups. One in paticular. Their tower was so terrible, but they were having fun, as a group. I wanted that. In the end, their tower collapsed and broke, but I respected that. Them. I tried, about, six times to get invovled, but no one would give me a chance. Now, the teacher thinks I'm a slacker. I know she does, cause I saw the way she was looking at me. In the past, I was a slacker, but this year, I am going to be the opposite. Today I could have proved myself, but instead I was literally pushed away from my learning experience. It was, literally, taken from my grasp. At first, I was mad. But then, later on I got to thinking. I told myself that I tried, and it is their loss for doing what they did. My idea would have worked. I know it. But I also thought; There will be more assignments to do. Hopefully, individual ones. So yeah, there's my day 🙂



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