first of all want to wish everyone a happy new year , may 2013 bring a better year for you all! x

now for a rant cus its arghh! bloody step mother! she and dad popped round today and i mentioned about popping in this afternoon just to say hey properly and she was like well ill be cooking dinner and very busy, and when she says that its a clear no, i could understand if she actully ment it but all she will do it wake a pizza in the oven and watch tv at the same time. so i said ok ill leave you guys to it if your busy and ill pop in tomorow, but no a straight of no me and yoru father are having a chill day no one allowed round.. its been like that since me and my sister moved out , her sons still live there so it dosnt matter about the rest of us! just feel liek she wants me to never see my dad 🙁 shes been trying to get a wedge between me and my dad ever since she started dating my dad 10 years ago and its just getting worse. my dad got an open door when it comes to his kids and will be the same when his step sons move out to. but my step mother its all about her , if she wants a quite day then were not allowed near. i can understand having a quite day but shes also been of work for 9 days and dint even have to cook christmas dinner or anythig this year so what the hell she has been doing that has been so stressful is beyound me 🙁 sorry its a rant i know it all sounds pathetic but its alot worse in real just feel like im going to lose my dad because of his wife and i cant say anything because my dad would leave her and then be on his own again 🙁 x


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