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hi my name is alisha im 14 year old, I am currently questioning my gender and not sure if I want to be called alisha or miles. but anyways I have severe depression and I’ve tried to take my own life but i’m doing much better on that. so the real reason I am righting about this is because I got outed by a teacher a few days ago, and just a few minutes ago I found my mom has a mass on her chest and she went to the doctors and they think she might have cancer. after I came out my anxiety and depression have been worse and  my mental health has been absolute crap and I suffer from severe PTSD and lately I have been having lots of anxitey attacks. I just want friends to talk to.

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  1. aquazium 1 year ago

    Hello friend! Sorry you’re going through all that! It’s going to be okay! You’re strong and brave, and it’ll always work out. Better than you expect. I promise.

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