Well my good luck is about to run out, been trying and searching and filling out aplications everwhere I can think of and trying to find work, my backs ups against a wall because have been threatened jial time for non payment of child support and havent earned any income in the longest time because the last three jobs I've lost from my seizures. but going at it full speed and trying to find work, I've been stable for what seems a long time now wich has only been a few moths time now, been off many meds that i've spent over a year working on getting takking and adjusting and cop with, Wich all were working fine for me and i was being productive in my fight against my depression and anxiety and also my seizures where held back almost gone, but been under a load of stress latley that i've been keeping all inside and not letting out, I have two seziures yesturday in front of my fiance and my friends. Lucky my son wasn't home yet to see anything. I'm currently recovering from yestuday and feeling tired and blancked out right now, Hoping not to have another one as the night goes on. Not wanting to ever wake up in the ER, but at the same time i get so low and depressed after a seizure i feel like giving up and wanting to harm myself. but I fight with the voices and my inner self and struggle to pull my self through in these dark hours, I have little more than love to get me through right now, tommorow I have to try to get back in to see my counselor to try to talk with someone who might be able to help me out of this, and working on getting me on different meds that work with me, so i don't feel like this next or past seizure is going to put me down for the last night of my life.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    Maybe you need to learn how to relax and meditate. These stratigies won't cure anything, but regular relaxation practices and regular meditation does keep the stress level down. Keeping stress down will keep the seizures at bay. Good  luck to you.

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