So now a month has gone by Since my husband has passed. My friend being buried on the same day a month later the one who drove me to my husband’s side.

A week after my friend’s burial

My bosses did a surprise visit on me

Stating to me that they don’t need me doing the things that I was doing anymore. I was the area supervisor. They took my account’s away from me. Told me it was nothing personal and I told them that I do not believe them. I asked them about the raise I was supposed to get.

I really needed that money


They told me I will never get that raise.

The rest of my life drained out of me and all my hope is gone. I struggle very hard. Now they took my last hope away from me. I owe all this money everybody’s turn their back or died on me…

I can’t go to the doctors because ikea afford the doctors and I really need a therapist but I can’t get a therapist. My household is suffering it looks like a hoarder’s house. Even if I get money I can’t have anybody in my house right now

I don’t know what to do I can’t get any help because nobody cares and it’s all about money

I make too much money $100 too much for social services help me…

They don’t care that I spend $400 a month to get to work. My gross  income says I make a certain amount and that’s all that matters.

No help !  Although I’m screaming for help

I have no more friends… Not that they were my friends anyway but I toss them to the winds because I realized they were not my friends.

No help from the state

No help for my insurance

No help from the doctors

I’m imploding and nobody cares

Some quick answers I got is that I hook up with somebody.. I got a lot of men looking to “console me”  NO !



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