Hmmmmm, they don't seem to have "want to destroy the entire world" as a mood option. Just doing senseless typing here so the easily offended don't whine about my content, it is titled Language Warning after all.

So, where to begin? Well, just another day of knowing the world is a great ball of shit flying through space, sprinkled liberally with assholes & cockheads like some sorta fucked up dessert. One of those days where i really marvel at the elderly, not for providing for themselves to reach such an old age, but for their ability to swallow shit and get fucked by life and still be alive.

I know why i get so angry, even if my psych's don't agree with me, it's because there is nothing in life except drama, pain, misery, depression & death. Any bit of happiness you want you have to fight tooth and nail to get, and then it is only ever a momentary distraction from this piece of shit called life.

I'm broke, i am on a disability (mental, not physical) which will end shortly, then i get to go look for work. oh. fucking. joy. Fuck all work in this town, and the work i can do there is even less of. Rent is fucking ridiculous – my lil bro's went up another $15/week, bringing his rent to $365 a week. It is a shit little apartment, i used to fucking live in it 2yrs ago and i paid $250 a week and you know what's changed since then? FUCKING NOTHING!!! Greedy CUNTS in this town think everyone works for the fucking mine site and get paid 100k+/year and price everything accordingly, fuck the rest of us on low income jobs, disability or anything else. Fucking wankers!

Rent is a major thing pissing me off today, i pay fuck all atm (whenever i can spare money = nearly never) because i am back with my parents due to not being able to afford rent. If i didn't have my parents to fall back on i'd just beat the next person who pissed me off in to a fucking coma & go to jail, get free food & board plus the exercise would probably do me good.

I don't even know what to fucking type, i am just so fucking angry today, see i get depressed and instead of being sad i get fucking angry, angry at whatever is depressing me and the world in general.


Everything costs too fucking much, even with a job i won't be able to afford to move out. Fucking asshole government keeps raising the taxes on cigarettes, $18.50 for a 30pk now, fucking cunts! Yeah, i know, "Quit smoking". A) Fuck you, spoken like someone with no idea and B) FUCK THAT! Why the fuck does everyone think it is ok for the government to get everyone addicted to a drug and then continually raise the price? I know nicotine isn't quite the same level of addiction, but who hasn't seen crackheads in the street? Same principle, people will spend ALL their fucking money on cigarettes because we are ADDICTS ffs! Don't fucking tell me it's about getting people to quit, find a drug dealer with a complete monopoly on the market and ask them how many clients they lose when they increase prices. FUCKING NONE! Sure, babies go hungry, rent goes unpaid but people will always need their fix.

How the fuck could you NOT need some form of drug to get through this shitty existence? And anyone thinking 'I don't need drugs' BULLSHIT! coffee, aspirin, alcohol, even herbal remedies bought from the wankers wearing hemp in their shitty little stores are drugs. Oh, you only class illegal things as drugs, silly me. FUCK YOU!

Fuck this, i am only getting more pissed off writing this out so i'm going to do something that makes me NOT want to eleminate the human species. Probably sleep if i can, that seems to be the only time i'm not angry…..


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