hello there are some of you out there that know me realy well and there others out that that used to know i posted this for every one so in some way those of you who used to know me and at one time may have used to have bin one of my freinds can get a batter undersanding of me it not a easy thing to talk about mostly because at this point i dont fully understand it but i am working to. over time i know that at some point i drove and big cap between me and i lot of my freind and even some famly members because of some thing i did not even know i had thay tell me most if the time most pepal liveing with are misdiagnosed such as i was 5 years ago but know i have leard and am trying to move on with my life i am talking about buy the way Bipolar disorder at one point it nearly riped my life a part i have lost freind and even jobs because of it but i fainly got out and found some help and know i can life my life the way i want to agen and that is a realy good felling to the one i know longer talk to and hurt along the way i am sorry . but i dont wish to fell sorry for my salfe now want any one to treet me any other way then thay way you would any one eals i am still me just lest crazy lol any how i posted this for the most part the other out there that may be comeing some thing like this wather you have goten help or with to if you want to ask me any thing please do as i will anser truthfuly and help in any way i can as well below this blog i have posted some helpful infor wether you are just wonders about bipolarr disorder or are needing help i posted it one here as well as some helpfule links thanks for reading.


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