So I come home and my dad asks me how my day was. I tell him it was fantastic…(sarcasm) and so he tells me and my mom about his day. So I listen to my mom interject her thoughts while he's talking and I start thinking, "Wow…" So I call my brother, because he's not home and my parents don't know where he is, and he doesn't answer.

So I tell them he didn't answer and then he calls me back and I ask him where he is and when I'm done talking to him I tell my parents what he said. Then my mom gets mad because he didn't call her. And I'm sitting there thinking I probably wouldn't have called her either.

And so we get dinner ready and I'm sitting there and I start to put in my headphones as my mom goes on a rant about how my brother should have called her, and she's yelling at me because I'm defending him. So I put in my headphones and I haven't pushed play yet because I'm looking for a song and she goes, "I like the other one, (my brother), atleast he didn't yell at me and give me so much attitude."

So I pull out my headphones and say what did you say? And she's like nothing. And then I'm like I can't believe you would say that while I'm sitting right here. And she says well don't sit there with your headphones in looking like you're listening to music. So I explode and tell her that she shouldn't be talking about me regardless if I'm sitting in front of her and I walked up here while yelling at her how much I hate her.

Because I do.

I'm really starting to get tired of her constant, "Oh, I'm such a good person why does everyone pick on me?" thing… but whatever.


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