Budgie really helped me out Sunday night. It was so nice to chat with someone who understands how I feel and what I am going through. And who I ended up having somethings aside from the anxiety and depression in common with.


My first couple of shifts at the new job went ok. Then while driving home yesterday morning I started having a panic attack. I am so glad I was able to keep myself together long enough to make it home. I would have been fine if it wasn\'t for the idiots on 290. If anyone has ever lived even a short amount of time in theHouston areawill understand the whole 290 thing….Six in the morning I\'m doing70 and people in regularcars areflying past me, then here comes the freaking convoy oftruckers haulingwho knows what, they allblast past me like theyare allusingjet perpulsion.At that point I was just a little shakey. When I made my exit it allreally startedto hit me. I felt like I was going to pass out, like I was having a heart attack, couldn\'tbreath, blahblah blah.


Long story short. I havegot to call my doc to tell her that this isn\'t going to cut it.We have tofind somehting that will workforme.AndthatI need to start therapy. Even if she doesn\'t think its a good idea until I\'m medicated.


I still feel like crap but, its not so bad that I can\'t handle it. Just a little anxious and shakey.


So, after all the crap thismorning my husband point out that some of my petunia\'s from last year have re-seeded in the hanging baskets and are blooming. I go to take a look and they ended up cross polinating with each other. I have some of the solid velvety purples, some solid whites and then the new color. The new ones are a weird pinky-purple mix andpurple and white veriagted . But not the blocked or stripped like what you normally see at the store. I posted a picinmy gallery.If you look at the main focused flower it looks like a person turned upside down. Thought that was kind of neat.


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