I'm angry because i'm sick of having all these problems – physical and mental, that i can't get help with at all. You go to the doctor and theres nothing they can do. Iv never been able to get help. You can only get help if you have something common and severely painful. It's not just one or two or three things, it's about 10 problems i have. The only thing i'd be able to do to get help is reasearch all these things myself from scratch and find the cure myself. The problem is theres no links between patients with problems and scientific researchers who should go away with the patient and find out what it is. If someone has a problem that they can't fix it's like: "sorry. bye." and this is the worst attitudein healthcare. Have you seen "half man half tree"? if you havn't, watch it on youtube it's crazy. I feel a tiny bit like how he must feel. Lost in the abyss of all the other people whos lives opportunities are lost because they've fallen through the grid of the oh so slim heath problem awareness. Fair enough they have come a long way and can't understand every problem and they have priorities, but they should put it down on some cyber list that a person has this problem and by the way it EXISTS, instead of telling you to get lost and try not to worry because eventually when you die you can forget about it and so can healthcare untill it kills someone. they should also make tallys on these lists and group people with the same problems. They should also submit these tallys to university students and scientists to study etc. Imagine that tree-man going to the doctors "well er.. i'm turning into a tree" "well you don't have chlamydia or cancer so your fine. Theres nothing else we can do. My best advice would be to stop worrying about it" "what that i'm turning into a F***INGtree!?" I feel loads of anger for other people in the same situation. it's not docs themselves i'm angry at it's the system and how complicated and tight it would be to make these essential changes. has anyone else experienced something they couldn't be helped with?

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    becky 9 years ago

    i can sympathise with you – although I havent had a specific problem, I have been in and out of doctors a lot with stress-related problems but never feel that they are able to help. Ive been climbing the walls so to speak, due to stress but doctors have been useless!!! You have to wait until you are dying before they take notice! The mental health system is really terrible in UK!!! Its so hard to get access to help! 

    I really feel where u are coming from!


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