Have not been too bad recently, in fact ive been feeling quite positive.  I guess the changes came about when I went on a girly holiday to forget about a guy, it helped to make him not the focal point of my thought no more, although I do still like him, and we were chatting last night, and as he realises hes almost lost me he seems to be persuing me, and has said that he fu*ked things up between us, am hopeful of us being close friends (and intermate, as we do have such a special connection) but I cant foresee a relationship, but im cool with that, plus, found out hes 22 and i’m 30, which isn’t a problem, but I cant see us together…

Well, came back from my holiday totally wrecked (too much partying), felt so unhealthy, overweight, sluggish, no energy, could barely get through work that week, so had to do someting! I started a detox, even went for a colonic, and trust me, i’ highly recomend it, my mood lifted, my complextion cleared, my head was clearer, was less tired etc etc, just an all round feeling of good health, but I did only eat mostly healthy foods too

Works going good, am working for an agency temping, but the company am with is getting a permanent contract sorted…hopefully to start the next week or two. So better pay too, have never had it so good in my work history, also planning to rent with a friend, got a viewing next week, so will be saving money there, so am finally gonna be in a comfortable position to start enjoying life more, buy new clothes etc, and start saving for a house deposit, and tidy up all my old debts

Also been reading mind gym, its about handling certain situations constructively, and am waiting for a book to arrive on cognitive therapy, the only person to help me is myself, and it’s helping to challeging negative thoughts and bad thinking patterns etc… the new positve me?…am constantly working on it!!

Keep counting them blessing and dont give time to the negative rubbish, cos thats all it is!!








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