Its been a while since I last blogged so I thought i\'d give it a go. It being New Year and all\"\".  Hopefully i\'ll be blogging on a regular basis since i found it theraputic previously. 

My previous blogs were about me struggling to stay in college, so to conclude that story i\'m very excited to say that i actually graduated in Spring 2009. Very proud of myself as it took a lot for me to complete as stress was mounting up on me to balance my college work and OCD. I\'m all Smiles \"\" about my achievement. 

The months after this, I guess you could say, i lost my mind.  I moved back in with my parents which turned out to be a bad decision for many reasons.  And fell into a depression (one of the worse i ever had).  Because i was living close to family, my state of mind was on full display to them and is something they have never saw from me before (as i have always conceal/hid my depressions in the past).  After living day by day in total agony, believing and thinking the worse of my life, i manage to convince myself to make plans to better my life and move things forward.  This took me forever and with the help of my sister i manage to change my attitude toward my future and am now trying to live and be free of (or at least reduce) my stresses, anxiety, worrying, fear…basically all those negativity that i seem to have around me.  I hope all goes well. 

At the moment, my life are in boxes as i am in the process of moving to an apartment and starting something new.  I hope to continue to see the positive in things and manage to get my life back on track. 

Hope all is well in everyone\'s life


"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."~Gandhi

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  1. Vic 13 years ago

    i’m glad things have been getting better.

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