i got my blood tests back today! good news and bad news. the good news i do not have lupus or sle factor 5 lupus. the bad news i have rheumatoid arthritis an auto immune disease that my antibodies are attacking my joints. totally surprised by that one since my doctor tests for everything it popped up when he tested me on i guess a varity of auto immune diseases. i don't have any symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis except for a crinkly knee that acts up when it gets cold or wet and i'm going up and down stairs at my apartment. i just thought i was an overworked knee  which bugs me so little i don't even remember which knee is the one i have problems with lol and never mentioned it until this came up and i did. turns out it is a symptom of rheumatoid arthritis but i am not in any pain just discomfort dunno if that makes any sense. right now i have a lot of phantom pain which i know isn't real its just because i was told i have this and now EVERYTHING hurts. lol it isn't real though and it'll go away. but i am not on any treatment or anything because it was caught so early there really isn't anything they can do to treat me right now, but i guess now is an awesome time to kick the habit of popping my knuckles and other joints. lol.

sorry i haven't been on in a few days i've been taking things easy and things really slow. school is back in session and i'm enjoying it immensely. it feels good to be doing something constructive again. i've also been doing some early spring cleaning around my apartment just to keep me occupied and dusted off an old favorite stratgy city building sims game called pharoh. well i need to go for now. i have to do some more research on rheumatoid arthritis so if i need to make some changes i can make them now and put off treatment as long as possible. i am certainly counting my fortunes with the early diagnoses.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 13 years ago

    Arthritis water exercises are very good for building up the muscles so they ( the muscles) can cradle the skeleton, rather that the other way around.  You sound lucky, like you haven't had an out and out flare-up of the rheumatoid arthritis which often affects the fluids aound the joints.  I specified water exercises because you do not oppose gravity in the water like you do in land exercises.  This prevents further aggrevation of the joints.  I don't have rheumatoid, but I have osteo and the exercise prescribed to keep the muscles intact is the same for both and for many of the other forms of artrhritis.

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