So…back to blogging yet again. I daresay this will be the most productive thing I have done all day apart from peel potatoes. Don't get me wrong, I needed to leave Uni Halls – at least for a few weeks. But I knew that something like this would happen.

I am Bored beyond belief. This isn't the kind of bored that you cure by reading a book (even found one under the bed that I haven't read in aaaaaages) or looking for facebook games (done that too…anyone heard of bitstrips? :P). This is the kind of bored that comes from, idk – not having enough challenges or something. The kind of bored that says, oh hey – I've been away for three months learning all these things about myself and then I get back here and everything is **** again.

The kind of bored where you hurt the feelings of the one person anywhere near here who would understand it, and now everything changed between you two. The kind of bored where you are trying to make the same changes, but all the chance you have at the moment is in another town or something. So, you're left meeting up with relics of the past – some of which is a past you preferred back when you had put it behind you.

I guess I need some stability or something. And really really soon.

I know I'll be ok. Like, everyone says it. I am observant. My mother calls it my….shrewdness. My old schoolfriend says I 'take things in'. So, as long as I watch myself I will be fine. But. all of these things happening is proving to be too much. I need to find someone who I can confide in about everything. (No offence but this needs to be someone I know in person). I need a really good friend who can…just…support me. :L


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