Today I had a mind bursting of thinking and wondering ,a man sitting in the waiting room with me and other patients was ranting and raving about god and the demons and someone name Gerry ,he was clearly suffering with an mental illness , and thats when I started thinking of all the biblical story''s about hearing the voice of God ,for example Abrham hearing the voice of god telling him to take his son to a spot on the mountain and kill him to show he''s faith in him , if that would happen in the here and now ,he would be diagnose with a mental illness ,as that dwell in my mind I was called in for an assessment on my depression ,and as the women started asking her questions ,Like how do you feel today?, do you feel sad some of the time,most of the time or all the time,? do you cry a lot? ,do you feel worthless and no good ? , How do you answer that? when your struggling with your mind and emotions on a daily basic ,and that is when I realize people like us who are stigmatize with a mental Illness are three dimensional thinkers being treated by one dimensional thinkers HAHA! now thats funny , all our mind''s are three DIMENSIONAL , very simple minded people trying to understand, why we feel what we feel and think what we think. My best way to say how I feel would be ,it is like having a cold and my brain is congested and all my emotions are backed up and then out of the blue ,all my emotions come rushing down on me all at once,and all I can feel is DREAD , but if you have never felt it how can you know how it feel''s ,and how do you express it with out sounding wacko .

  1. LonelyFemaleForever 11 years ago


    I think some of them really try to understand us, but I also think you can never know for sure what one person is feeling or going through if you have not been on the same path and even then we all are have different personalities so the expierence maybe similar but still in our own way. So I think they ask these questions to know what your personal situation is and yet still be able to categorise you.

    Just my thought.

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  2. olegnad 11 years ago

    I know what you mean by saying it”s like having a cold. I”ve described to myself that depression is sometimes like a stuck sneeze. I feel like sneezing but it just won”t come out. So I keep thinking to myself over and over ,"Come out or go away". So then I do things to try and facilitate a sneeze. Sneezing of course represents crying. 

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