boy oh boy,

how i miss you so much,

your smile,

your smell,

your voice,

even though you treated me so bad i cant help but miss you,

i loved you,

i really cared,

i would do anything for you,

and yet you did nothing for me,

this is confusing even to me,

how someone like me could love someone like you,

even though you didnt care all that much it seemed,

i did and now that your not mine,

now that we dont speak,

now that when im sad and crying you dont even care,

i just want to know what happened,

what changed,

what made you go from saying "i love you",

to saying "i dont want you in my life",

you just left me hanging here,

and what you did pushed me over the edge,

i havent been the same without you,

everything has changed,


the way i talk,

the way i look at life,

the way i look at love,

how my wall is pretty much impossible to get over,

how i cant get close to anyone,

and how im drifting away from the me that i wish i still was,

how you changed my life so much,

and how i was just another hook up in your book,

that i didnt mean anything to you,

i was pretty much just a rental to you,

not meant to be used for long,

just there when you needed something,

while you were waiting for something better,

its obvious what i was to you,

and you fooled me so well,

you had me believing that you really cared,

and after all of this,

for some strange reason,





i still wish i could have you,

i miss everything about you,

i think about you all day,

and im pretty sure,

you dont think about me ever,

i meant nothing to you,

boy oh boy,

i fell in love with you.


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