I’ve been dreaming about what I would do if I ever won any big lottery and thought of a great idea the other day. The idea was to build several large homes on a big piece of property on a mid sized farm (grapes, strawberries, etc.) and have it be a place where people with anxieties can live as long as they want while working on themselves and their future.
There’s many places where people can live when undergoing cancer treatment so why not us. I’ve read about places that are treatment centers but who has thousands of dollars to spend on those. Of course there will be a small number of medical staff to support the people that live on the site but other than that, it’s all us.
I like the idea of being away from the madness of city life and the drama it brings and living in a small, or large, town and being able to work, live, laugh, sleep, and be free next to people that can understand me and provide support if needed.
So that is what I’m going to do if I can. I do live in California so hopefully I don’t have to move far since I don’t like flying or traveling anyways… haha… go figure, right!
I hope everyone is doing well and can take a moment to dream a little and find a place they can relate to, or even that one special person that makes them happy.
Have a wonderful time these next few days and don’t forget to put “it” inside a box, away from you so that you can enjoy the next few days in relaxation.
  1. Jack21 10 years ago

    that\'s a beautiful dream. I wish I could duck out of this reality for a while.

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  2. Lyt 10 years ago

    Sounds good.

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