My Dad is apparently going on a psychotic tirade so I think now is a good time to take off for a few days. We're renting a property out to an old woman and he's been so obsessed with her that it's sickening. She's all he's been talking about for a week or more and my brother and I both got roped into helping her out.

Yesterday, I agreed to go to her place to help her clean and that's exactly what I did. Before I left, I told her, "If you need anymore help, just call up and I'll come down." She said okay. Today, I get a phone call from my Mom about him apparently going into my Gram's house and screaming and yelling like a psycho, telling her to cancel the credit card we use to play games with, and that if either one of us says a word to him he'll punch us in the mouth. According to Mom, he said that we've been laying in bed all day and we were supposed to go help that woman but we didn't. I looked on our caller ID but there's no call from her…meaning she didn't call up to ask for help like I said to. And I never agreed to go down again today, I was waiting on a call. It was probably just a misunderstanding but he's actually blown his top over it and is likely on his way to the bar right now to get drunk…all because I didn't go help that woman clean because I was expecting her to call first.

On top of all that, I'm pretty much alone. No therapist to talk to, no close friends, no real boyfriend to bother with. He's being pissy again so I'm not even sure that I should worry about telling him where I'm going before taking off. I feel so utterly alone, sitting in this house knowing almost no one gives a damn.


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