Lately I feel so alone

Don’t even know why I have a phone

Nobody hits me up and I’m stuck

I know I say it’s okay

But why do you believe the lies

Even though I have someone I can call my own

I feel so lonely walking down this road

Fake friends that I didn’t have to know

The same ones that f*cked me over when I needed them

Turn around and there they go

Why the hell did I trust them though

I feel I’m at a all-time low

I am depressed and it hurts me to know

That they are so happy and I can’t seem to cope

My anxiety is high

My medication is low

I am so stressed and I hate being home

I just sit alone and think of everything that I owe

I wish I had someone to hold


Here’s something I wrote. People who have read this tell me it’s good and it’s touching. I feel like my writings clear my mind a lot and by posting them maybe I can help someone?


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