Pushed myself a little too hard the last 2 days I think. Since I've been feeling good I've wanted to go all over the place and do all sorts of things. Guess I need to give my body a little more time to rest up. Just because I can eat again doesn't mean I'm completely recuperated.

Yesterday evening did NOT turn out to be anything like I expected. I came home to find out that my Aunt was coming to dinner. And it actually turned out to be a surprise birthday. 🙂 We had salad, steak, potatoes, corn on the grill; and then my Mom brought out a German Chocolate cake she had baked me while Zach and I were at his appointment. I love that kind of cake! We all sat around and had a nice time talking and laughing ~ and then before we knew it the time had come to put Zach to bed and get ready for bed ourselves. My Aunt also bought me a beautiful orchid as a gift. It was so sweet of her.

Today was busy from the moment I got up. I drove Zach to school this morning because he thought today was the book fair (unfortunately it wasn't) and becauseI had to turn in some papers to the teacher. I dropped him off at his classroom and kissed him goodbye.

I came home, got on the computer for a 1/2 hour and ate yogurt for breakfast, then left for my psychiatrist appointment. Saw him, things are good. Then I wandered around Melbourne for awhile, meandering through stores. I went to Best Buy to look at prices for notebook computers, and they were outrageous! I'm going to look at other places like Wal-Mart and maybe some good pawn shops.

I had to go to the bank and the cell phone store, and I called my old manager to get a letter of reference from him and talked to him for awhile. He's doing well and his new business is taking off. I'm so happy to hear that.

I finally came home, ate lunch and took a short nap before I picked up Zach from the bus stop. The driver told me that she had made the child bullying Zachary apologize to him and now he has to sit away from Zachary and his friend Lenny. I'm glad. She also said that if anything else happens to let her know right away and she will take it to the next level. I like her ~ she's no-nonsense.

Zach had me a little sad though today because he said after I dropped him off he started to cry a lot and his teacher sent him to the clinic. He said he had a bellyache (probably from crying) and that his day had been hard. All of his friends are in other classes and he only sees them at recess. I still don't know what to do about this situation. I talked with his teacher this morning and she said he's doing really well in her class. I don't know if I want to move him or not.

We've spent the rest of the afternoon playing catch-up on homework since we didn't do any yesterday afternoon. We still have some reading to do tonight, but that won't be too bad. She sends home a LOT of homework! It's almost ridiculous for 2nd grade, especially the first full week of school.

God I wish this damn headache would go away!

I'm also a little down because my husband is working a double today, so he won't get home until after midnight. I miss him when he's not here in the evenings, its the only time we really have together during the week. I know that's true for most families, but it still sucks.

So now its time to get the left-overs heated up so we can all eat dinner. The fridge is full of them. No sense in cooking tonight, especially since Aaron isn't home. Tomorrow is going to be a relax and rest day for me. I have promised myself this. No pushing myself.

Hope you all had a good Thursday.


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