I've been sitting here and watching the tiny turtles, new editions to this household. Houdini and Squirt are their names. They are about the size of half dollars, really kind of cute. Houdini got his name by his great ability to sneak out of his shelter when we first got him. He had a great little jaunt around the grandparent's house until he was found. Squirt? Don't ask me, the kidlet named him that because he hides everytime someone comes close to the enclosure. I honestly don't get it, I just nod and agree.

They are here in the office with me, because we couldn't find a better alternative for their enclosure. So…I get to sort of observe – ok I stare at them in fascination. I'm a turtle lover, I simply cannot help it. The enclosure has a lamp of course to help keep them warm, or it seems to even if that's not what it was meant for. They climb out of the water and onto the rocks to just sort of stare up at the light. It's their 'daylight' I suppose. Basking tiny little creatures. They have been eating on the carrot pieces that were put in there enclosure. Minnows have been mentioned, but they would have to be some tiny little fishies, simply because these guys are small and so is their enclosure. I know they'll get bigger. Guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. If we get to it.

I won't sit here and ponder what their thinking, cause with the loud music and weird wall coverings in here, they are likely scared to death of the whole 'scene'.

The cats, Mason and Dori, the rulers of the house, still have yet to understand what these little things are doing in their realm. They can't get their paws on the little guys, but the kitties love to stare at the tank, sort of like me…in fascination…or maybe it's just sheer instinct to attack anything smaller that moves. In any case they can't get to them and it sort of irks them a bit. I can bet they are just waiting for their opportunity…they'll be waiting awhile.

Think it's time for all of us to get some sleep.


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