he said i come off as an idiot. that he thinks i'm an idiot. that i'm almost 20, to stop acting like a baby and grow up. but this is just me. most people view me like that because i trust in people. and have a generally positive outlook on live. but i can't help that. so what if i was sheltered. i've had a bunch of things go wrong in my life. but i still hope for a better tomorrow. and yes, i believe that people are generally good. i can't help that. i'll prolly always be like that. i'm sorry that it upsets you so much. i miss our good days. and i know that it's summer so we are both doing badly. but i can't take that with only a month left to go, we might end. only one month. i know i'm failing you. that i'm annoying at the moment and very clingy and needy. but i won't always be like this. it's just summer. i know i can get better. just give me a chance please. i am giving up everything for you. and i want it to work. i want us to be together. i would like for the moment i step off the plane in august, that we forget all about the summer and sort of start anew. why not? what do we have to lose. we've almost made it a year. i new it would be bad. it's the 11 month. but once this month is over. you'll see. it will be alot better. i know it will. just one more month and it'll be ok. please dove. don't give up now. i love you so much and i can't lose you to our illnesses. it's not us. just push through it for one month and i promise it will be better. you'll see.

  1. snowdreamer 12 years ago

    Sweetheart from what you've said you are really in love with this person but you also say you are not being you it will get better.  Honey you have to know yourself, be proud of yourself, know what you want and don't want in a relationship.  IN other words you have to know  yourself good enough to share yourself in a relationship.  You can't be you if you are only doing this for the other person and if they can't handle you for who you are then the relationship will fail.  Things always happen for a reason and maybe  you just aren't met to be together right now until you get yourself together.  A relationship is two people sharing of themselves not one being something they aren't for the other.  A relationship has to above all else be honest, true and open communication.   I hope things work out for you I really do…take care

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  2. mom02 12 years ago

    O me to i feel your pain best wish to u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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