The big moving date is this weekend. I can’t believe we’re practically here already! If there’s one thing I was reminded of it’s how unreliable people can be. Whether it’s people not willing to help move or others that I’ve reached out to for emotional support I have been let down on more than a few occasions. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to find people that will reach out and just ask “are you o.k.” on a regular basis. Is that too much to ask?

I’m not sure what your religious views are. It doesn’t matter. I just hope you can respect mine while reading this. I bring this up because I’ve tried to stay positive throughout this whole process. One of the things that came to mind recently is that how throughout my life when I come to think of it God’s timing has always been perfect. For example, before I met my ex I had been hung up over this one girl for about two years. Nothing ever materialized but I had pursued her all that time. I actually didn’t move on until the beginning of 2014. I went on a solo road trip to North Carolina that January and it did wonders. The beginning of that year I felt renewed and fresh. Then April of that year I met my ex. If I had met her sooner I don’t think I would have been ready to receive anyone new. If I had met her even at the end of the year in 2013 I still would have been hung up over that other girl. There’s other examples in my life where it seemed like the timing was uncanny, but I don’t want to jot all of them down.

All I can really do for now is just mentally and emotionally prepare myself for this weekend. you honestly can’t really prepare for something like this, though. I guess what I should rather say is to just take things moment by moment. Enjoy having her mom and son around while I can and seeing their things before all of it gets moved away.

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  1. delane 5 years ago

    You’re absolutely right, my friend. For the most part, no matter how close a friend is or claims to be, somewhere along the line, you’ll feel let down. i know that one, all too well, from personal experience. i’ve had to bite my tongue and expect less out of people, in order to not feel so let-down.
    Sending you some positive vibes and hope for this transition to not be as tough as you might think…

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