In the last couple of weeks , my husband has made remarks that make me feel like I am being  scolded like a child. Right know I am not speaking and keeping to my self and my picking at my skin has increased. The last comment was said with attitude " What did I do today"  ( one comment a husband should never ask his wife) meaning certain things around the house, some stuff needs to be put away. I am changing winter clothes to the spring and summer clothes , it is getting done but I guess not fast enough. This may all sound minor but it was all in the way it was said, and like I said he has made me feel this way a few times lately, I do not like this feeling. I am a grown adult, I know that! I do not like feeling like we are not equal. We all have character defects granted, but I am lucky I even get out of bed, and I have no clue day to day what my day is going to be like, even though I may think I have the day planned, reguardless my brain works on automatic pilot, but it is not like I do not do any thing . My first roll in the morning is to help my 14 yr old disabled daughter get ready for school, no I am not gonna go there I wanted to run down the things I did do to my husband then I was like FU and it has been stress full, it almost like I am the child and thats my dad I HATE it HATE it feeling this way. What can I do ? I can not help when he reacts like that feeling child like. How can I resolve this and let him see how greatful he should be, I have come a long way, but still just want to wack him in the back of the head. Feeling alone and do not know how to get out of this. Part of me just wants to run around the house and get all this stuff done just to shut him up so he can not say anything, but I am not going to it will not resolve this, feeling like an outsider in my own home. Thanks for letting me vent Brenda

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  1. fighting2win 12 years ago

    Hello Brenda

    This  is ur space ,whenever feel low pls vent here.someone will always read u eagerly n most imp. will understand u……

    i suffrers from Ocd 4 about 13 yrs. Just read ur profile….I understand how difficult it is 4 u to manage…

    But u are very courageous to be were u are after going thru so much in ur life.

    believe me u r inspirational 4 me.

    as 4 ur husband , i beleive even though he loves u a lot…he too need to vent at times and its difficult to understand what goes thru our minds for somebody who doesnt have any such "mind" problems..

    Just tell to urself and FORGIVE him ,u hav a big heart and thus be relieved..forget about it…

    Very difficult to do i know…but can try….

    be happy…really like that u take care of ur neighbour..God bless u and gives strength to help more…Take care..  


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