Watching the Grammy's I had the thought of Etta James. Hey, Whitney Houston was big, but Etta deserved a much larger tribute. Glad Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt did something. Then I saw Bruno Mars at one point, too. Man, he can dance and lay down a tune. Sad that his radio airplay doesn't include his James Brown-esque sound. Then I saw Adele. God, she is beautiful. Really, she is gorgeous and I am glad her voice is okay. She's one of the bests around. Lady Gaga isn't anything compared to here. Adele is where it's at.

I got a package of ties a few days ago. I paid six dollars (price of USPS shipping) to have them sent out. The guy took a long time so he added some extras. In the package was Burberry, Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Dior, among others. For those who don't know, those are some serious tie makers. Beautiful quality, beautiful silk, beautiful knot. That made my day when I got them. I literally went outside to get the mail not expecting it (I figured he blew me off), then I see a big envelope. I got all giddy and was laughing. I enjoy ties, what can I say? One or two had some staining, but I got them out VERY easily. I have a special skill concerning removing stain from silk ties. My daily outfits usually include suspenders, some type of khaki or dress trousers (unless I feel the need to wear my corduroys), and a nice tie. Oh, and a cotton vest I got. I've lost a bit of weight so I fit into smaller sizes now which is awesome!

Sadly, although I am happy I do feel a little sad. Just feel abandoned, lonely, whatever lately. But at the same time people like Paula really make me feel good and happy. So I know life will be better but it is also going well. It's strange being right in the middle, but it's where I am at. I have two hankies coming my way to look forward to, so I'll keep waiting for 'em! Yes, handkerchiefs. It's what I love, what can I say?

So to all, just live. Even when you're weak. Even when nothing seems quite right. Tomorrow always has the capability of being better.


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