The day is almost over, and time to go home, but the laptop is staying here to charge the mp3 players overnite. its been a long day and its been fun, opened gifts and played with toys, dinner at the other grandma's and played cards and i won a couple of hands(that never happens). now the kids are getting ready for the family party that my daughter always has at her house, but this year the house is not party friendly so            another year has passed and here i am on the kid's couch, this year is different  everyone including me is in a better mood and place.  kids have new house,, i have new apartment, they have jobs, i don't.  last year i had just quit my job and took early retirement but from september to july was a long time without income.  my friends offered me a small area in their shop for my crocheting until they fell on hard times too.then my health went south…..on a day when the granddaughters had spent the night and neighbors did not go to church  i had a heart attack.  had they not been there?   went by ambulance, helicopter, and ambulance to the heart hospital where they did the catherization and found my arteries are clear, no heart disease and high bad cholesterol and way high bp.  found out my daughter really does care about me, she was  there when i woke up from the cath and stayed all night and the next day with me.   and now she takes me to cardiac rehab on her days off since i don't have a car anymore.  the van had gone as far as it would go so i sold it for scrap and have used that money for the medicine that i have to take.  so uncle steve has still looked out for me,  never told him i loved him enough, so today on Christmas Eve I do feel blessed to be alive and here with the girls



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