I am in so much pain right now. My boyfriend-I thought he was the one, and now I’m not so sure….It seems like all he does is hurt me right now, and forget about me.

He wants to go to Greece on a study abroad program. Which we couldn’t afford when I really wanted to go. Now all the sudden he wants to get the money so HE can go. He will be away for three months. In his pursuit to get into the program, he has forgotten about two of my dance recitals, doesn’t spend time with me anymore, and is thinking of getting us into more debt. I know if he goes that he will rarey talk to me, because he hates phones and talking through networks like Facebook.

Before this program came up, he told me that the fact that I have gained a little weight bugs him, and he finds me less attractive during sex. He also spends all his free time with his friends. I like his friends, but I wish he would spend time with me. I miss him, and he lives in the same apartment.

I don’t feel important to him-he cant remember the things that are important to me, and anything that comes up takes away from my time with him.

I’m afraid he’ll meet someone else, or already has. He says that he doesn’t wanna lose me, but it is taking all my willpower to stay right now. I love him, and I WANT to be with him so bad, but it hurts so bad, too…I’m crying like, once a day. We have a lot of issues to sort out between us yet, but he seems intent of going to Greece before these things are fixed.

And I don’t feel like he’s as commited to me as I am to him. I told him this last night, and he just didn’t really say anything. It’s not that I want to be engaged or anything yet, I just want to know that he isn’t going to cheat on me the first chance he gets…I wanna feel important-it’s hard to feel that way he forgets about things that are important to me all the time.

I don’t know what to do anymore…

I can’t stay here if it hurts this bad for much longer, but I don’t wanna leave. And everything is tied up with him now…joint bank accounts, living together, one car…I don’t make enough to support myself on my own.


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