I think I've had a pretty good day today. My medication seems to be working or I, at the very least, feel good right now.

I was tired this morning because I woke up in the middle of the night. It was storming pretty bad so I think that's what got me up. Despite being tired, I still made my way to class and I don't even think that I thought of skipping.

I logged onto Facebook and realized, oh crap, another student is posting about his class schedule…today is registation day! I registered for one class, had trouble getting into another, and resolved to fix the issue later.

I was late to class by about 5 minutes due, in large part, to my obsessive cruising of the parking lot like a parking lot shark. I'm going to have to stop that and just park across the street. That or leave for class earlier…

Even though I was late, I felt fairly relaxed. I paid attention in class and only stopped listening long enough to look up this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fjr3A_kfspM It's a Wood Frog. The professor mentioned how they freeze over entirely and then reanimate when the environment warms up. I thought it was cool so I checked it out.

After that, I stopped off to ask my professor for help, got registered for another class, and then went home. Since then, I've gotten dinner, picked up my medication, gone to Wal Mart, and stopped on campus to check my Field Biology project. I also got my class schedule worked out. I'll be taking 5 courses, Intro to Psych online, Personal Training (to be scheduled with trainer), Image Retouching and Restoration, Basic Media Drawing, and New Media Perspectives. I'm nervous for NMP because the teacher isn't very well liked but she's the only one that teaches it. I can't wait for Image Retouching and Restoration, Basic Media Drawing, and Personal Training. ^.^ It feels great to be motivated! =D

Now I'm tired, I've gone and worn myself out. x.x


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