Capturing And Sharing A Loving Aura

Capturing And Sharing A Loving Aura

Life is built on nothing but a bunch of moments in time that make us who we are,
your walk in life depends on how and what kind moments you capture,
and who we choose to follow and look up to in our lives,
and not dwelling on our mistakes we have made in our lives,
but learn from them and share the knowledge with others to help them.

By sitting back and taking the time to recognize which moments,
and what path is going to be right for you in your path and journey,
determining on what is going to be fun and exciting in your lifestyle,
by deciding on how much love you want to give to and receive from others,
will determine the amount of love you share and how many others will cherish you,
by making our own choices on who we want to share our love and life with,
will definitely determine the amount of true caring love you will receive.

Moments define us on who we are and what we are going to be in our lives,
If you capture and share the loving, fun, and exciting moments in your path of life,
you will find yourselves happier and honestly loved by most all in your life,
by doing this you will be genuinely loved and feel more satisfied in the end,
then finding yourself,  being a happier and more caring individual toward others,
with an honest true caring love that will shine and radiate to touch others.

By creating a glowing aura that you will carry to spread to others in your life,
will encourage and intrigue others to follow your path in sharing your genuine love,
take time to reach out to show you truly care about the people you have touched,
and take time to help wake up the people, that are lost in depressive states of mind,
by showing them and guiding them to the true happiness that  you have to share.

Everyone wants to feel that true genuine loving happiness in their lives,
to feel full with love, joy and happiness and have the feeling of being wanted by others,
face it, we are all followers and leaders at a certain point in our lives,
and our choices are extremely important on who we will be in the end,
with what you have been shown and how you have used that knowledge.

Would you want to idolize a depressed confused cereal killer that has no love?

Or would you idolize someone that has a true honest caring loving aura that shares?

I know what path I am going to follow in my walk in this life!!!

I love ya all!!!

Written by,
Steve M. Jolicoeur


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