While it is already a bad day being Valentine's Day and I am alone AGAIN-this day makes me really sad now. It is my father's birthday today and he isn't here anymore. He would have been 72 and he passed away in 2007. It still feels like it was yesterday. I still catch myself picking up the phone to call him on Sundays. That was the day he was always home and had no appointments. He was a salesman and was always running around somewhere. If i wanted to have any type of conversation with him, it was a good bet to call on sundays. It was great during football season, especially when San Fran would play!! go 9ers!!! He would have been tickled pink with them this year-almost made it! I would always joke with him about how I wanted to take out Hallmark around this time of year. They do not have any valentine, birthday dad cards! trust me-I have looked! I even have an uncle who OWNS a hallmark store-no luck!! He would have also been thrilled that the Beach Boys are back together-I almost called his number twice during the grammys when they were on stage. I still have the 8-track to the beach boys-endless summer somewhere buried in all my old stuff!

I had good times with him over the course of my childhood-I was very lucky in that regard. Even though he was a traveling salesman while I was growing up and he was gone a lot of the time-he always managed to be there when it mattered. I am a pack rat in the regard of saving things. I have every card I have every received since I was born-very large box now! I am really glad that I have kept them-I still have every valentine i ever got from him and I cherish them now.

Even though i am sad he is gone-i am also very peaceful about it now-took a long time-but i am there now. He had a good life and he was loved by a lot of people-of course I top the list-but what do you expect? I am a proud daddy's girl and always will be! Happy Birthday daddy-your biggie will always love you( i know-horrible nickname right! gave it to me when i was 3 and it has stuck since)! Happy Valentines' Day!!!

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  1. kglanz40 11 years ago

     i am lucky to say i had happy memories with my dad-there are a lot of kids out there who don't have that in their lives. i know that there were a lot of disappointments on both our ends over the years and he never really got over the fact that i was positive-i know that he loved me and finally-it's enough. I do know that he is with me everyday-spirits always mess with me and not just him!  i hope you have a good valentines' day!

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