I haven't caught a break in weeks. I really haven't. The past few weeks of my life have consisted of the following:

1. My car breaking down. It's still at the mechanic.

2. No minutes on my phone, waiting for my new phone to arrive. This has resulted in diminished contact not only with friends and family but with banks, companies, and co-workers.

3. Being followed by some whacko for 2 or 3 exits on the interstate and then shadowed clear to the hotel where I used to live. I was so upset and scared that I called 911 and ended up crying when I realized that he really was following me.

4. Fighting with my Dad which resulted in me cutting contact for close to a week, borrowing money from a friend, and cutting way back on supplies including furniture, gas, and food.

5. Losing my front right tire on the way back to NY which required me to spend $60 for help replacing the tire and then drive 80 miles at 40 mph on a donut. This trip, of course, ended with number 3…

6. Constant rain. It's been raining for days. This means I can't do anything outside to relieve stress and my Mom's windshield leaks…so the floor on the passenger side is constantly wet…

7. A brake line bursting on my Mom's car. Yep, back to a mechanic. Thankfully, this one has been better than the other. But so many lines were so badly rotted that 6 need replaced back to front. $450. I'm kind of irritated that my Mom wouldn't just loan me her car rather than her mother's car, she sent me 300 damn miles in a rusted heap instead. She doesn't even work, she goes somewhere like once a week. And yet she won't sell this car, not even to me (not that I want it anymore…).

8. Trying to finish my homework on time to graduate with 2 useless partners. Managed to get it done and get an A but just barely. Pulled off a final cumulative GPA of a 3.5.

9. Graduation. Oh man, that was long and painful…

10. Parents visiting. Nice at first, not so much at the end…

11. Packing. Way too much packing.

12. X blowing me off yet again. I'm not upset, just irritated that a "friend" would do that so fuck it.

So here I am, waiting for my phone to arrive and hopefully soon, hoping my boss isn't upset that I can't come in to the office, hoping I can get work done, hoping my life isn't one step away from ruin or a fiery car crash.

  1. SaltWaterDrinker 10 years ago

     Well, that certainly is a long list of bummers.  I can tell you one thing, though: a couple of years from now, the only thing you'll really remember about this time is graduating.  That's a big deal–try to enjoy it!  And congratulations!

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  2. Jlesher_05_82 10 years ago

    I know how you feel when you said you haven’t caught a break in weeks. These past 2 weeks for me has been HE** for me. Me and my mom got into a Hughe fight and it has strained our relationship and I have all most lost my job. By the way CONGRADULATIONS ON GRADUATION !!  

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  3. Azura_Mikio 10 years ago

    I hope things take a turn for the better soon for you.

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