Tonight, I know I have changed. I am more clear about who I am inside, and what I'm made of, than ever before. I try to help people all day every day, wherever I can, and it helps me. I don't worry so much about politics, and the general state of things as long as I am busy with someone else. Over the past six months, it's easy to see that my attitiude has changed. As I see the need in people, it becomes easier to forgive myself. I don't dwell on the inevitable so much, but its more like I think only of the present and things I intend to accomplish, and I do stay on target, try to stay focused, not get distracted, and off track, even if I have to work, and stay very busy. It helps me to visualize things, so I keep notebooks about all my ideas, to put bits and pieces of papers, drawings, samples, articles, pictures, all things to stimulate my imagination. It's fun to dream big.

If I told you, that if you just try your best, and forget all the rest, would you believe it? Well, it's very true. Always put your happiness and independence first. There's no greater feeling in the world than knowing that you can take care of yourself. Once I found out what I loved to do, I have made a wonderful small business out of it, so I always have a little spending money. I'll never be wealthy, but I owe no one, everything I have is paid for, even my home. It might not be for everyone, but it makes it possible for me to travel, and do the things I try to do.

No matter what your situation is today, you can start to change it right now. It really is that simple, just plan for the future. Get a Plan A, and a Plan B. Always know that sometimes, your plans aren't exactly the "best" plans, and the universe and God, the higher energy, knows better. Just do the best you can, forget the rest. Really! Have fun, go crazy! It's allowed!


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