A friend on this site told me to try to list and remember the things I am grateful of. Can’t particularly think (or really want to) of things I appreciate in my past right now, but there are a few things that did brings a smile on my face recently. All of which are a bit odd I suppose, but nonetheless things I’m happy that do occur.

Been fighting a cold for about a week now and its really bothering me since I often get ear infections easily, but I was kinda enjoyed it recently because it ruined my sense of smell. What I mean specifically is that I have shampoo that smells like a Pino Colada and since my nose is all stuffed… it started to smell like celery for some odd reason. I dunno but it made me laugh for a good bit.

I talked to my really good friend and his sister and they told me that their grandmother’s condition has improved a bit. So I’m glad that happened since it’s always tough to see when a relative is ill and their condition only worsens.

Been watching this anime called Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. It’s about a teacher who’s negative and believes his life is nothing but despair. To make things more complicated, most of his students all have issues as well (i.e. one’s a stalker, another is a hikikomori). The anime is a comedy and seeing how they try to balance everything together definitely makes me laugh. Kinda makes me laugh about all the crap in my life and yet I’m still around. I dunno… kinda an odd thing to do I guess.

Today started like all other days, where I’m just gloomy and upset. Trying really hard to not let myself fall any deeper in this hole. I suppose when you feel so horrid for so long, it makes you appreciate the little things that much more when they come along. Always trying to cherish and create fond memories in this life… just wish there were more instances of them.


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