It seems nothing in my life has been good these are them reasons why.

From the time I was 8-13 I was molested by my mother’s boyfriend( I told my mother all she did was pack up my stuff and drove me back to my dad’s house) Didn’t talk to her for 3 years when I turned 16 when my grandmother her mom passed away of brain cancer that she didn’t seem to feel there was a need in calling and telling me she was even sick. Not to mention mom and dad started fighting custody battle for me when I was 10 months that didn’t stop till I was 13. I went down to my mother’s when I was almost 17 and her boyfriend same one tried to have sex with me again but this time I told him if he touched me I was going to the cops again I told my mom she didn’t believe me and took me back home to dad and left didn’t hear from her agin till I was 19 when I tired killing myself (didn’t work obviously that’s when she finally left the ass hole boyfriend she was with.

I went threw one jerk boyfriend to the next all woman beaters but the one beat me, raped me, put me down all the time even killed my cat in front of me. Last relationship I had he cheated on me with more woman then I can imagine that was in 2010 and come 2011 the worst year of my life happened..

May 2011- Got dignosed with HIV great no ones going to want me now so im going to die alone

July 17th 2011- I turned 24 and my uncle my best friend died

Dec 25h 2011- my dog that I had for 15 years of my life died

Nothing good ever happens to me don’t even know why I am even still here! Just wish I could end it all

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  1. aloneforevernew 9 years ago

    This is one of the worst lives i've heard of, i really hope something amazing turns it around, it's got to. You can talk to me if you want someone to listen etc.

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