About a month ago D., did something so sweet…..

We were in the car driving and I asked ,where are we going? D. responded I thought I'd take my baby to NC, I said were not going the right way he said not a problem, we went to NC, we went to see my old home where I lived with Legh and was left, I ran into a friend that was so happy to see me, she now lives in my old home, the love shack is what my neighbors nick named it. We also went to JJ's and I saw another friend of mine and told her to tell everyone hello for me, it was a Sunday in the MT's so everything was of course closed. D said he was hungry so to make a long story short we drove to Brevard NC, to eat at my favorite restraunt Big Mike's it was open I was soooo happy we had spght, three cheese garlic bread and salad's it was yummy, I had really missed it. When we drove into the out skirts of Brecard I had all these mixed up emotions as the last time I was there I was seeing Diane and Kieth and we buried Shay. Many times I drove to Brevard to Diane and Kieth's house to hang out, I still miss them, I no stupid….. at the intersection I was like telling D. we would go that way to D&k's and the funeral home for Shay was right there on the left, my heart hurt, I wanted to turn to the left and go up the mt. to D&K's to see them, but I new the reality of the situation, so we went to eat I was still thinking about how close I was to Shay, I put it out of my mind to just be with D. and enjoy dinner it was good, considering. When we left the restraubt he said he was impressed and very much enjoyed the food, I was so glad, then we were back in the truck and he said let's go see Shay, which he had mentioned several times earlier, I was overwelmed with emotion….. I was likeI don't no if I can remember the way to the cemetary but I did, as we approached I asked Shay to help me get there and bam there it appeared, we turned in my heart was racing my mind was wanting to find her, D. asked what her last name was, I said Yastehe found her, I hadn't been able to go to see her since the day we put her in the ground, I hadn't seen the headstone, it was pink and black, Shay's favorite colors and heart shaped.

To be continued…..


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