Well, there is no mood word up there to describe how I feel right now…losing my mind seems to fit well…lol …Saturday, me and Tonjia( daughter in law/friend) went to visit her Dad and Stepmom for an early Fathers Day…He lives on a big piece of property in the country…and for a few years we had a trailer up there…so I had a huge herb garden,/flower garden, 5 years invested in it…then we had to move…anyway, Tonjia suggested I go up there and see if anything was still growing in my garden…and sure enough some things had survived…my Rosemary was giant…so I got cuttings from that, my butterfly weed, lantana, passion flower, cannas…I got what I could until i was too hot and tired…we forgot to bring bug spray…OMG…the mosquitos and gnats and fire ants were bad enough,,,but I had forgotten all about freakin' chiggers…and to top it off I went all through the woods berry picking…blueberrys and blackberries…I mean I covered a good 4 acres through the dense woods…trying to find paths I had cut years ago…and I did real  good,,,I got tons of berries…I remembered my way around the woods like it was yesterday…and I had an old stray dog her dad rescued following me the whole way,,,not to mention playing ball with her…I finally realized I had pretty much overdone it( I always seem to forget how old I am) and I rarly think about the HIV…later after we got everything home and I had a shower,,,I was so tired,,,then I noticed…OMG!!!! Chiggers!!! I was covered up with them…you don't even want to know how many chiggers I got…lets just say way more than 100…the most I've ever had in my life…Ive tried all the crappy meds we keep on hand for them,,,but none of that stuff works very good…I tried benadryl to stop the itching…took a sleeping pill to sleep…havent had much sleep since friday nite..lol…right now I just keep washing with rubbing alcohol,,,and painting nail polish all over me to try and suffocate the little shits…I am in agony…if you dont know what chiggers are they are little bitty red bugs that burrow under the skin…and it itches worse than Hives…so far Ive never found anything that really helps take the itch away…and its taking everything Ive got not to rip my skin off…I can't belileve I forgot about them…but I bet I never will forget the bug stuff again….never ever!!!! I will say it was great being in the woods again..I cant describe the feeling I have when im in the woods by myself…no city sounds…just quiet…and rustles of the birds and critters…it was worth it to go…even though im really paying for it now….LMAO!!! hope ya'll had a nice weekend and Fathers Day….Love & Light, …Shadow

  1. poztopinnc 15 years ago

    Baby.. it sounds like a great trip with a mixed emotion aftermath…. glad you enjoyed the good part, and the chiggers….. youll eventually get rid of 'em I'm sure…. I know now it seems HORRIBLE.   Wishing you the best of luck on that one.  Sending you Hugs n Love.  David

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  2. sweetsteph 15 years ago

    you poor thing ,they do make you miserable,try aveno baths that seems to help,just dont get an infection scratching i got ate up by fire ants saturday night at my nephews on my ankles i scratched the skin raw before i got home i hate bites,hope you feel better ..love ya steph

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