So I spent time with my boyfriend yesterday! On Christmas! And my mother didn't know about it!! I gave him my present… my crappy present… and he gave me his present. A really beautiful necklace (i actually kind of saw this coming because he's giving me like 5 necklaces already… hehe and I love all of them!) and a REALLY big box of chocolates… Like I needed it. I've already eaten like 3/4 of the box though. The majority of what I go for Christmas WAS CHOCOLATE! I love chocolate like the next person but really? I've eaten so much that I think I might throw up; and I haven't even made a dent in my new found stash of chocolate. Oh well, I'm a girl. I need it soon. New month is like a week! Lol… jk… sort of… but it just got REALLY personal so change of subject!!

I didn't get much for christmas but I don't mind (then again I got more than some people get so now I REALLY don't mind). I GOT A COFFEE MACHINE!!! And YES it's MY coffee machine. No one else in this house drinks coffee so it is MY coffee machine. Now, I know what you are thinking, You're 16 (yes, I'm calling myself 16 even though I still have one month till my birthday! Deal with it!) you probably shouldn't love/ drink coffee. That's for old people who have jobs and whatnot. Well, I DON'T CARE! I love coffee! It's so delicious!! And I got one of those fancy ones that are like best of the market right now with the really weird and totally forgetable name! I know this because I forgot the name! But it brews my coffee in under 2 minutes! IT'S AMAZING!!! (It's a Keurig by the way… just looked at it) And my mom bought me hot chocolate tiny cups. So i can make hot chocolate IN MY COFFEE MACHINE!! And that's appears in UNDER 2 MINUTES!! You would think i just had a cup seems how I'm so hyper but i didn't. I did this morning but it's worn off my now… I think I'm just really tired because I haven't slept in A WHILE! And then I had A LOT of chocolate today.

But yeah i got a coffee machine, a movie (tinker bell: Secret Wings. Don't laugh! Tinker bell is awesome! That movie was awesome too), and then a game that I share with my brother (Assassin Creed 3!!!! Domination!) all from my mom. I got 50 bucks from my grandpa, and 40 from my mom's boyfriend. My brother got me Snowman poop (which was actually REALLY good. It's just chocolate covered nuts with that's white powered sugar on the outside). Then my sister got me Nail polish (and LOTS of it), brown eyeliner (pale complexion+black eyeliner=NO! So she bought me brown instead), a beautiful new bag to put my make up in, and those nail stickers (which personally I'm not a big fan of but she got my kind of stickers. They were like all dark and demonic and elegant. They're really cool). But yeah, that's sums it up. Plus a crap ton of candy… yeah!

My nails are all Christmassy and cool. I'm a big nail person but not a very big face person if that makes sense. My nails will look at decked out and amazing, while my face is like ALL NATURAL! Mainly because I'm too lazy (and tired) in the morning to slap on some make up. Whatever, if people don't like it than just stare at my nails! I won't mind. Well I will but I'll hide it like all of the other times… So whatever! I'm going to sleep now because I'm pretty sure it's unhealthy to stay awake for more than 48 hours (which is what I've been doing). The problem most of the time is that I just can't sleep. Whatever, I have to get up early tomorrow to try and talk to my boyfriend on facebook and maybe, MAYBE see him before he goes to work. Wooh!

Okay, I really admire you if you actually read that all, which I know you didn't. I don't mind though. I wouldn't have read it all either. I would have opened it, saw that it was REALLY long and then been like OH H*LL NO! then I would go to a different article! Hahaha! Well that's all!

Merry Christmas! XOXOXOXO

  1. Aswa 10 years ago

    i read it to the end and totally agree you have much to be grateful for this Christmas. Peace, Aswa

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  2. Andie372 10 years ago

     Glad you got to see your bf and that he gave you a nice gift.


    I love coffee, been drinking it since I was like 10 lol.  And we have a Keurig, I love it.  

    It's nice to have something that belongs just to you.


    Take a pic of your nails and post it.  I'd love to see it.

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