NOTE:  2015 05 15  22H03 EST  Ramblings 253 –

– it's just as it is sometimes… just got to move on now… as much as it breaks my heart really…

(Usually) Dead,
Other times.

What you do,
There are no excuses.
What you did,
And continue, are the same.

Despite all awareness,
You carry on; over and over.
Weak and unworthy,
All spell everything of you.

Chucked me out for your
Own inadequacies in life.
Guess, I should let it go.
But, my word, it hurts…

'Cause I didn't do anything.
Your sense of betrayal
Is more than erroneous.
How you could think this,

Breaks me to pieces (again).
I love you, but I can't take this
Any longer, as it's too much,
When I haven't done anything!

You know what the true problem
Really is, but you can't face it.
Tes quatre-vérités en pleine face :
I know how you explode then.

It's beyond you to look at the truth.
Instead, you prefer to lash out,
And get vindictive, and hold grudges
Against those who dared to voice it out.

You really don't see the picture, do you?
Of what you create on others' lives?
You hate to hear it, but the truth is the truth.
That you can't handle it, isn't my problem.

Do you know what you've done to me?
No, I know you really don't know.
And all this time you took me for granted.

I hope you're well.
But don't ever try now…
I'll verbally shoot you down,
Without a second thought.

I love you,
But leave me alone.
It's time for you to go.
It's the best way now.

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  1. buffster 7 years ago

    There seems to be something in the water this week..alot of that seems to be going around..anyhow hope things smooth out for you & you get some positive forward motion going..

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