Dan didn't stand me up or leave, we were suppose to go to the river and what I call run the river which is follow it and have a pinic lunch, instead we went to Amaicola State Falls, quit beautiful, and nice and cool, then we drove all over the N. Ga. Mts., just looking for a hole in the wall restraunt, you no one of those country cooking type places, anyway, we decided to have a beer which we shared, lightweights I no. Were driving along and suddenly we come to a convence store and Dan pulls in and I was like what are you doing? I thought I said it out loud but I guess not or he ignored me then he pulls right up to a pump and stares at theses 2 young girls to the point they were uncomfortable and staring at us I was leaning forward just looking at what Dan was looking at and the one girl looked at me really oddly I was really humilitated and finally he drove off, i was just horrfied!!! Then he became very talkitive and was asking me what was wrong and I was like nothing and he started being hostile towards me and I told him to quit being so grumpy. I wasn't about to get onto it with him, its not worth it. Finally after a little time we stopped at Denny's to eat and I just felt so low, like I was the ugliest lady around, to old and just humiliated to tears, I just kind of shut down. I ate a little and we headed home. I'm still some what shook up over his behavior, what do you guys think, please let me no what you think of his behavior, I really need some feed back. I didn't want to say but at the falls he was staring at a young woman and her daughter to the point he didn't even notice me walk away from him and I called him on it, he got nasty and I smoothed it over because I just wanted to be happy and really didn't think much of it. Just typical male behavior, but the gas station thing was different, right?

  1. Aswa 9 years ago

    maybe he thought he knew them?  or they reminded him of someone?  (the mother and daughter at the falls i mean).

    the first time  pull in at the covenience store and stare is more than a bit strange.

    i'm assuming that you cannot you ask him what it is all about… if his actions made you feel truly uncomfortable then i don't think "typical male behaviour" really covers it. only you can decide what you will accept from him.

    ( ( ( H U G S ) ) ) Aswa



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  2. flowermantis 9 years ago

    Hey there Di.My personal opinion is there is no way I would put up with that from a man I was supposed to be with.Like Aswa says,it is up to you waht you will and will not accept from dan or anyone for that matter.its just you asked for feedback and ,I dont know dan of course but this behaviour I dont think is good for a relationship.Your a good person ,and you deserve better I reckon .Ultimately time will tell,but just be careful with your heart and keep on doing your darndest to get independent and free from these problems.I know you have been working incredibly hard and youll get there in the end,everything will be OK for you in the long run.

    All the best Di,my prayers are with you

    Flowermantis x

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