I’m not sure of alot of things, but one thing i am sure of is that i’m not sure of anything.. Does that make sence? idk

I’m not sure what I should talk about. The major thing that happened today, i’m not going to talk about, so i’m going to talk about this american guy from texas, that is in a couple of my classes.

Today… why i don’t know.. he decided to come to a my class and just "sit in".. The class has only two more sessions to go, so there is no point starting it now…. Why he did this, i really don’t understand. It aggrovated me to no end, to have someone that is not even in the class sitting there. Not to mention that he had allready annoyed me alot during the other class that i have with him. He kept on interupting me EVERY time I brought something up in the class. I mean that is just RUDE! So in this other class, we were talking about the assesment that we have to do, and here he is saying "ohh i could do this, thats easy.." HOW FUCKING RUDE! honesty…. how dare he come into A class that he has NEVER been in before, and say Things like that. He made the others in the class feel like crap, thinking they are "dumb" and things like that. I ended up confronting him about this. I told him he needs to be more conciderate for other peoples feelings. I was very hard on him. He deserved it.. Luckily the teacher backed me up on it. He (the teacher) agreed that american classmate needs to be more conciderate, and shouldn’t come to the class, just for the sake of it.

A good thing that came out of the class.. well.. I told the teacher how i found it easier to learn basically the oppsite order he did. (i’m not going to go into detail, but basically to do with Australian Industrial Relations Legislation).. he actually said that I made a very valid point, and he is going to concider teaching the class in a different order. I’m glad that I said something that he actually thought my idea was better than his. I feelt very proud of this. This class I have taken a real interest into, and i’m glad that my thoughts are taken seriously.

The american invited me to his house again this weekend to study.. I really don’t know if i can be bothered with his nonsence.. I should be social, but right now, if i seen him, i’d give him a real blasting. Maybe it’s a different culture in america? maybe it’s ok to interupt people, and make them feel stupid.. Who knows… I know one thing, his friendship with me is on a very fine line. If this continues, i’m going to tell him to F off and not talk to me again. Not very professional I know.. but I honestly don’t have to put up with that crap, and no one should. Thats why I said something about him saying things are "easy"…… I could go on and on.. but honestly I’m not going to waist any more effort on this jerk today.

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  1. sadjac 13 years ago

    LMAO 44! I should have mentioned the the *Jerk* is gay! I have met his partner, he is nice. So i don”t think its that!

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