I'm so confused.  I know this site is for depression (that is why I first came here) but I need to talk about something else.  My husband.  He does contribute to my depression.  Lately we've been arguing a lot and that has sent me to an even darker place than I had been originally.  Well, this morning at 11:30 eastern time, he left and said he'd be back in a few hours.  He said he was taking his motorcycle out for a while.  After a few hours he texted saying that he'd gone further than he had planned and it would be an additional 90 minutes before he'd be back.  So after 90 minutes I heard a motorcycle in front of the house.  It was his BMW motorcycle.  His beige pants.  His helmet.  Different coat.  I thought,"Well, that's strange…I've never seen him in that coat."  So the motorcycle pulled into the back parking lot behind our house and then it came out on another side and down a street.  So I texted him and asked if he was ok.  He didn't respond (which didn't surprise me…he was afterall on his bike).  But, about 5-6 minutes later, the BMW came back.  Same motorcycle.  Same biege pants, same helmet…different coat.

It appeared that my husband had come home in this one coat and then went down the street to change and then came back.  It was so odd. 

When he came into the house, I asked him why he'd gone by the house, into the back lot, down the street, and then came back home in a different coat.  He said,"That wasn't me."  Well, that is curious!  I SAW HIM!  So I asked him,"How is it that a motorcycle exactly like yours went into our parking lot…etc?"  He said that I must need glasses if I can't tell his bike apart from another person's bike. 

I didn't care that he was riding for 4 hours.  I didn't ask him where he was.  I just asked him why he came home, but left to change and then came back.  It's very strange.  He vehemently denies that the "other bike" was his.  I feel like I'm going mad!

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    Usually when one person is depressed it affects the whole family.  In a sense the other members of the family need to go to therapy to learn how to live with a depressed person without contributing to their depression.

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