I've never written a blog before, i don't really know what one is either. But im about to write one. So yeah.

Do you ever feel empty inside? Or like you have no motivation to do anything? I have a lot of things I like, even LOVE to do. But lately i just haven't been interested in doing any of those things. I dont know why. I feel soo empty inside. I feel like a loner. I mean i have friends, i have a great, wonderful, perfect family, and yet, i feel more alone than ever. I have one person i feel like i can actually talk to, my cousin i see her about 8 times a year. My bestfriend, a grade younger than me ( yeah having a bestfriend younger than me makes me feel even more like a loser) i can talk to, but not about everything. Over the years ive bottled up all my emotions, and feelings. Now i can't let them out. All i want is a bestfriend, or two, like they show in movies. ALWAYS there for you, ALWAYS there to talk, NEVER judging you. Ya' know what i mean? Yeah, well that'd be great to have someone like that. Anyways, im at a point in my life where i just dont know what to do, how to act, who to be. I just feel like.. i can't even explain how i feel . But i wish i didn't feel like this.

That probably didn't make sense, but don't worry about it. I just felt like typing random crap about how i feel. doesn't matter ,

  1. Jamaicat 10 years ago

    I understand just how you feel, Forever Young. I am going through the same thing. Hope you have a peaceful day!


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  2. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    The way you feel are the typical symptoms of depression. I do not know whether you can move through this alone or need therapy and/or meds. You are not alone. The feeling you feel describe a

    depressive event. I am no doctor so I can't tell how severe.

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